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I just returned from the annual NCTM conference in San Antonio. Just amazing… Can you say: RIVERWALK? How awesome was that?!

There was also some awesome math involved, as in ‘amazing speakers.’ Did that include you? Did you apply to speak? Well…why not? What’s holding you back from applying?

It’s really not a bad process, whether it’s a local, regional, or national conference. I mean, sure…you could get rejected. But what if you got ACCEPTED? Wouldn’t that be something?!

I’ll just bet you’ve got some cool math idea brewing in your brain. Why not share it? Seriously…you have nothing to lose.

Where to Begin

  • Start with the strands. What are the math themes are and how can your topic be related to one of the conference strands?
  • Decide if you want to do a Burst (30 minutes); a Session (60 minutes); or a Workshop (75 minutes with hands-on activities).
  • Check out the NCTM conference rubric. Make sure you maximize your proposal points with what counts.
  • Your title & description matter more than you know. These will be in the program book and on the conference app. People will make YES or NO decisions to attend your talk based on them. What will you say? Take the time to write a carefully crafted mathematical response. Even study previous conference books if you have one.
  • Check out Robert Kaplinsky’s blog about the application process. Also, he and Dan Myer gave a talk at the 2017 NCTM conference about applying and speaking. Watch the Facebook Live video today before you submit your proposal tomorrow!

Now What?

Now you wait…

It sucks, but your proposal submissions are months early, and honestly, you forget about them. Then one day, when you least expect it, you will get an email from NCTM. You will either be accepted, rejected, or waitlisted. And hey…2 out of 3 ain’t bad.

So, gather your thoughts and get to work! The next annual meeting will be in Washington DC in April 2018, and proposals are due May 1, 2017. And after that, regionals…Ugh!

Peace out–I’ve got proposals to submit!


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